Meet the Ocean Podcast – Introduction

Meet the Ocean is a nonprofit podcast producing dynamic educational media. With storytelling and science, we engage our audiences by speaking to the realities and needs of our planet’s saltwater ecosystems.

Plankton – The Comb Jelly

Behold the strange locomotion of the Comb Jelly. Watch its translucent body journey the waters of Norway and take notice how it is able to refract light.

Swimming with Sea Snakes

Encounters with the Banded Sea Krait of Niue Island in the waters of the South Pacific.

Sounds from the Southern Ocean

These recordings are from one of the world’s most fascinating marine mammals that lives in the cold dark waters surrounding Antarctica. Listen to Episode 4 of the podcast Meet the Ocean to learn more.

World Penguin Day 2016

Nothing says World Penguin Day like a bunch of King Penguin flopping around in the mud. Take a little time out of your day to learn about these amazing birds

Diving Alaska

The life in Alaska is abundant, even more so within the water.