Bulk Package | Penguin Pen Pal Program


The Penguin Pen Pal Program is an immersive Antarctic educational experience for children. Designed to stimulate the imagination, connect to wild places, and rekindle the magic of having a pen pal – this program brings Antarctica to life for the at-home learner and classroom setting.  The Bulk Package features 25 of each item listed below.


  • Write to a Penguin – On-going snail mail correspondence with your very own penguin pen pal! You’ll receive a photograph and letter from a special juvenile penguin friend and an address to write back! All corresponding letters responded to by Meet the Ocean’s network of educators.
  • Experience Antarctica in Virtual Reality – Featuring eye-to-eye penguin encounters with several species and Southern Ocean scenery. 45 minutes of Virtual Reality recorded in Antarctica. All packages include VR Goggles compatible with any smartphone.
  • Southern Ocean Photography Book – Polar diver Paul North shares his images collected while underwater in the coldest ocean on our planet.
  • Antarctic Ecosystem Card Game – Enjoy a teacher-created 2-in-1 card game that shares the diversity of the creatures of the Southern Ocean.
  • Penguin Stickers and Ocean Art Postcards