Why the Water

Take a moment to consider what you value. It may be something quite simple, a small object that is dear to you in some unique way, or maybe someone who you cherish interacting with – a friend or close family member. Whatever it may be, we all carry an instinct to value that which benefits us. Whether or not we realize that is up to us to figure out.

I am sure your parents took great care to teach you what you should value in life, but luckily for us, our bodies need no such instruction. At the most primitive level, we know that oxygen, clean water and available food keep us alive. In fact, it is such a no-brainer that we hardly even consider it these days because of how modernized the majority of the world has become. But that does not change the fact that we need these things to survive.

Our planet is a magnificent system of exchange. Heat rises and cold sinks. It is that simple, both in the atmosphere and in the ocean. This creates currents that swirl and dip around our planet, delivering nutrients to the small life that often falls outside of our consideration, and yet is the very foundation of our food chain.

If you pay even the slightest amount of attention, then you know that photosynthesis is where it all begins. Tiny single-celled algae that harness the sun’s energy and produce sugars that kick start the food web. But these microscopic plankton do something even more important. They regulate the content of our atmosphere, or more simply stated – they provide us with the oxygen we need to live.

I started our nonprofit Meet the Ocean because we are just not paying enough attention to what is important. Without the saltwater ecosystems that enrich our planet, we would not have become what we are. To let the importance of that fall to the wayside is simply unacceptable, and to let the push of modernity continue to degrade the waters of our planet is not an option.

But how do you get people to listen? Maybe you start a podcast, and begin interviewing the experts who are out there studying the saltwater and all the creatures that live within it. Instead of just focusing on the rock star species, we focus on the ecosystems as a whole, and use an entertaining multi-media experience to better communicate the importance of the ocean to a global audience.

I dive in the coldest waters on our planet, from where the Polar Bears swim, all the way down to penguin town, in order to find a better way to reintroduce the world to the ocean that they do not know. By harnessing the stories of those who have spent their lives interacting with the saltwater, we prioritize the health of saltwater ecosystems globally, and you can too by listening along, subscribing to our podcast, and sharing it with your friends and family.

Join us in our educational effort to introduce the world to the importance of the waters that encompass our planet. And help spread the word, so that everyone can Meet the Ocean.


Meet the Ocean is a listener-supported 501c3 educational nonprofit. All donations go toward furthering our educational outreach. Find out more at: www.meettheocean.org

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